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The Butcher Box

Have you been wanting to change the way you eat?  You want to eat local, farm-fresh, chemical-free, but it just requires too much effort?  For the past 20 years, Liberty Hill farm has raised quality beef and sold sides to customers.  But many customers told us that they simply did not have the freezer space, or the large sum it takes to butcher a whole steer.  Liberty Hill Farm meets that need by providing a monthly variety box of meats to our subscription customers.  

With a butcher box subscription, no extra freezer space is necessary, as you purchase only the quantities that you consume each month. It's an affordable option for those who want to start purchasing higher quality meats.


As a butcher box subscriber, you will get a variety each month of beef, chicken and pork.  We also have lamb!  All animals are raised right here in Centerview, MO. 

The box is valued at $110, but you pay only $100. We also have a $50 per month option.  This box is valued at $55.  All butcher box subscribers enjoy 10% off of all meats in the store.  (Even if you buy extra!)

The number of pounds of meat in a box varies because of the various prices per pound of different types of meats.

You may begin picking up your box at the store  (198 NW 701 Centerview, MO) the second Saturday of the month following the date we get your first payment.  Lisa is usually on hand to give great recipe ideas for your family!  Do you Paleo, Keto, low-carb, whole 30?  These are the types of meats that are sought after.  If you're vegan, well, we should have veggies by early spring;).  



We currently have 10 openings for subscribers. 


If you have any questions at all, feel free to call Scott - he can answer all of your questions!  660-909-3244




Now Available!

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