Ground Beef

Ground Beef


Liberty Hill Farm ground beef is so flavorful!  It is so lean, you will NOT have to drain it!  It does not shrink like store-bought ground beef!  (Which adds value!) It will not make the grill flare up either!  High in Omega 3's because our cattle are grass-fed, all the time.  You will taste the difference!  One package of ground beef weighs approximately 1 pound.  


Side story:  

Scott and I were vacationing down in Branson this summer, and Scott was grilling burgers while another man was grilling burgers at the grill beside him.  The other guy was fighting the grill, it kept flaring up all the time.  They were both using identical grills - the difference was the beef!    

  • Delivery options

    If you purchase by 5pm on Friday, we will meet you in Warrensburg with your bundle between 10 & 10:30 on the following Saturday in the parking lot of Westlake's Hardware.  

    If you would prefer to pick up on farm, just shoot us a text or email, and we will be happy to set up a time for you to do an on-farm pickup. 660.238.3244 or