Side of grass fed, grass finished beef


All of our beef is grass fed and grass finished.  We do not feed grain.  We run South Poll cattle here on Liberty Hill Farm.  They have a smaller frame, and are uniquely suited not only for our climate and farm conditions, but also for grass finishing.  The care that we take with our herd shows in the quality of the meat.  

  • Must-read information

    When you place a deposit, we will contact you with a date that we will be taking the beef to the processor.  During that time, we will take cutting instructions from you and give them to the processor.  We do this as a courtesy, and is one less thing you will have to do!  The final weight and price of the side will be determined by the hang weight at the processor.  

    In addition to the cost of the animal, there is a cost for processing.  This cost is dependent upon the cuts you get.  For example, ground costs a bit more than cut, and hamburger patties will cost more than ground. Altogether, this is always cheaper than buying meat by the package, but it may take a bit to get used to paying for two separate things: 1. the meat itself, and 2. the service of processing.  

    As soon as we have your balance due on the animal, (and the processing is done) you are free to pick up the meat from the processor.  We give the processor your name and number, and they will contact you as soon as your meat is ready. You will have a balance due for them as well - we will get that information to you once we submit your cutting instructions.  

    The great thing about purchasing sides is you get to choose exactly how you want your beef!  Here at Liberty Hill Farm, we use a lot of ground beef, and the chuck roast is the only roast we like.  So, we keep only the chuck roasts, and have the rest put into ground!  We like our steaks thick!  This is all part of the cutting instructions for the processor!  You get to choose to keep organ meats like the liver and heart.  You can also keep bones for your canine friends - or for making bone broth.