Deposit on Whole Chicken


It didn't take long for Liberty Hill Farm to be known for our chicken.  The chickens are pastured.  We move them everyday to a new piece of ground. That means they don't eat today where they pooped yesterday!  In addition to grasses and insects, we supplement their diet with non-gmo feed sourced locally.  They are processed on farm, with our sanitized outdoor facilities.  Each bird will come to you in a freezer bag.  They will no longer be vacuum-packed, as we do not have the equipment to do so.  


This price is a deposit on a whole bird.  Birds will be sold by final weight at $4 per pound.  Average weight is usually 3#.  We will notify you by email or text - whichever you prefer about date of pickup.  As of right now, the pickup date will be end of July 2020. We will notify our customers via Facebook as well. We anticipate a sellout.