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The Butcher Box.

What is a butcher box from Liberty Hill Farm and how does it work?

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First of all, before I tell you HOW it works, I need to tell you WHAT it is!  My husband and I own and operate his family farm in west central Missouri. About 5 years ago, we began to transition to more sustainable, and healthier farming practices.  (That process is a whole blog post in and of itself…) With that change, we no longer feed our cows grain. They eat grass, and sometimes hay. As I write this on the 25th of January, our cows are back on grass as of YESTERDAY!  (That’s a whole other blog post too…) But I digress. We also added chickens and pigs in the pastures. They forage and we supplement their diet with non-gmo feed. The cows are the only animals that we have here on the farm 12 months out of the year.  The chickens and pigs are more seasonal for us. The meat that we produce is a result of educated stewardship, and a deep care for creating a healthy product while healing and sustaining the land.

We do not butcher on site; we leave that up to the experts!  That said, our butcher never

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uses nitrites/nitrates in the processing of our animals.  We take our beef and pork to Powell Meats in Clinton, Missouri, and we take our chickens to Anco Poultry Processing in Garnett, Kansas.  Both processors are USDA inspected. Our packages are vacuum sealed in clear freezer bags and stamped for resale. We sell our meats in our small on-farm retail store, and also to local retail grocers and Cafe Blackadder in Warrensburg.  

But what is the butcher box??  It is a variety box of beef, pork, and/or chicken that you pick up at our farm store on the first Saturday of each month.  There are two options available: $50 or $100.

Ok, so how many pounds of meat do I get?  We can’t figure it that way because each cut has a different value per pound!  We sell meats at anywhere between $3.29 per pound all the way to $22.50 per pound (that’s filet mignon.)  We don’t put filets in the butcher box, but most everything else. We like to choose what goes in the box, because as a small farmer, it is necessary for us to be able to manage our inventory.  That said, there are quite a few months in the year that we allow our customers to choose what goes in for that month. The RETAIL VALUE of a butcher box is always at LEAST 10% higher than what you pay! We love our butcher box customers and we extend that 10% discount to all meats in the store – so if you ever want to purchase more to add to your box, you will always receive 10% off.

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How does it work then?  How do I sign up? We use Paypal subscription service for this. Customers only click on the Sign up button to be directed to Paypal. On the day that you do this, Paypal will deduct the money from your account and deposit into ours – that’s how we know we have a new customer!  We will then set aside your box, and you will pick it up between 9am and noon on the first Saturday of the following month. That’s it! It’s super simple! Paypal will then continue to deduct the subscription price from your account on your sign-up date monthly thereafter until you cancel.  You may cancel at ANY time. There is no set duration. Many of our customers like to sign up close to the end of the month – the least amount of time between your payment and the pick up date.

Are you ready to subscribe?  Click here and follow instructions!

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below!  You can also check out our website at


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